You need roof replacement when your old roof starts to leak or when you notice mould appearing on the sealing – that means your membrane has holes in it. Now, if you are in the Tamworth region and you need an emergency roof repair call now. Please, read more about our roofing process below.

    Roof replacement – After close inspection of the membrane we might notice multiple holes in the membrane and this will mean that you need complete membrane replacement which means all roof needs to be replaced (excluding tiles if they are in good condition).

    • After the roof inspection, we give you the quote which will include the cost of material, labour and taking out the waste
    • When you agree on the quote we will set up the date when work starts
    • The day before we will set up scaffolding and bring materials on site
    • We will start early in the morning by taking tiles down (if you want we can wash and waterproof them for you)
    • After tiles, we get rid of all old battens and membranes as well as guttering (if needed)
    • At this point, we can put new insulation – Kingspan and/or mineral wool if you want it
    • Next, we will install eaves protection support trays
    • After this, we will start putting new membrane
    • When the membrane is stapled we will secure it further by putting counter battens that will make space between the membrane and battens and improve air circulation under the tiles
    • The next step is putting new battens to the exact measurements required by the tile type
    • When all new battens are in place we will level them so tiles can lay perfectly
    • After putting back all the tiles dry verge caps will be put on
    • The next step is putting back ridge tiles – if possible we will use a dry ridge system to improve roof ventilation
    • If tiles were washed we would waterproof them at this point
    • After all the above work is done we will take down the scaffolding and properly clean the surroundings and arrange for to skip to be removed (if the skip was ordered for this job)

    New Roof in Tamworth

    With over 11 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, we can finish the new domestic roof for you in 2 to 5 days. We will leave your estate as we saw it first. We can’t give you the exact price on the website and we will need to see your roof first and discuss the range of work and create a quote that is within your budget.



    • Should I replace tiles when doing the roof?

      If tiles are in good condition then its totally up to you if you want new tiles or not.

    • Do I need to order scaffolding?

      No, we have our own scaffolding.

    • Do I need a permit to do my roof?

      If you don’t change the shape of the roof then you don’t need a permit – more information on Tamworth Borough Council 

    • Do I need to do my roof if I want to sell my house?

      This is entirely up to you but you definitely should check your roof when you buy the house.

    • What about the waste?

      Cost of getting rid of the waste after the job varies and depends on how big the job was and it is always included in the quote. It’s between 50 and 270 pounds.

    • Is a new roof affect the EPC rating of my property?

      If you decide to insulate your roof, it might not affect the EPC rating directly but it will definitely improve your property by keeping it much warmer during winter and much cooler during summer – it will save you money on energy bills.

    • Does your company have liability insurance?

      Accidents on building sites happen. Even if it never happened to us – we have premium liability insurance, which will cover any accidental damage to your property.

    • Will you come to survey my property?

      We are always happy to hear your description of a problem over the phone but we always make an appointment to come and survey your property at the most convenient for you time.

    Happy Customers

    Jakub Protasiewicz
    Jakub Protasiewicz
    Fantastic job,well happy,highly recommended 👌
    Lukáš Nemergut
    Lukáš Nemergut
    Karol & Lukasz have delivered amazing job. From the first contact all the way through to completion. Communication was excellent and clear. Price very competitive and quality of the work outstanding. They even agreed to complete the tasks that were originally not in the scope of work and provided expertise and advise on the best approach. Very happy that we have chosen them to do our roof replacement.
    Callum Dempsey
    Callum Dempsey
    I had 2 roofing companies back in Feb 2021 to try and find the problem to the roof leak both which did some work but the problem still persisted. This blokes from this company hopped onto the roof and found th underlying cause within 5 minutes - and repaired the problem. This company seem to have a really good work ethic and higher standards than other roofing companies. They do what their company says it does - roofing done right. Would recommend to anyone.
    Mateusz Łabuda
    Mateusz Łabuda
    They did very good job on my roof. Quick and efficient!
    juliette cahill
    juliette cahill
    Lukasz and his team were amazing. Before and after photographs were provided. Very reasonably priced. Thankyou
    James Prentice
    James Prentice
    Found these guys on Bark. Had already been let down by one roofer who didn’t turn up. They came on a Saturday, took a proper look inside and out. Prepared the most professional quote detailing all the works and detailed specs on the materials to be used. Quoted a price (very competitive) and a time scale of 4 days (wether permitting). I think the job would have been done in 3 days except the howling winds and constant rain on the 3rd day. Work ethic was second to none. Time keeping impeccable. Professionalism was fantastic from both the guys. Could not recommend highly enough and will be engaging their services again in the future
    Maciej “Jasiu”
    Maciej “Jasiu”
    Łukasz Hajdiuk the owner of Tamworth Roofing Roof Done Right Ltd did a full roof renovation for me. Very professional, happy to answer all questions and make suggestions for customer. The job done fast and no issues with the roof since then. Job was done in 2020.
    Bartosz Majeranowski
    Bartosz Majeranowski
    I called guys from Tamworth Roofing Roof Done Right with an odd, last minute job and very little time to complete. Łukasz and Karol came on time, ready and very professional, and as they promised - they delivered. Until end of the day my old fence was gone and new one up and standing solid. Guys got very competitive prices, incredible working culture and skills and ' it can't be done' is not an option for them. I'm very pleased and looking forward to hiring them for more jobs. Overall its 11/10 service!!!
    Paulina Mika
    Paulina Mika
    Łukasz was fantastic putting on mesh solar panel proofing kit to prevent access for pigeons under the solar arrays protecting the roof. In addition, he replaced the cracked tiles and the damaged gutter. He washed the entire roof and cleaned the gutters. My roof has never looked better. He is very friendly and profesional completing all required works as quoted. I highly recommend. Thank you Łukasz.
    Robert Romanski
    Robert Romanski
    Hi. Lukasz and Karol from Roof Done Right Ltd have done great job replacing my gutters. Will highly recommend that multi services Company.

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