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You need roof repair when your old roof starts to leak. In some cases, we will need to do a roof replacement or renovation. The most important thing is not to delay your roof repair because it always leads to more damage and more cost from water damage to the inside walls of your house.


If our inspection shows that the membrane over the pitch is in good condition and only the first strip is in a poor state (and if you don’t want to replace it all) then we can replace only that first strip by taking down the first few rows of tiles and battens, putting eaves protector support trays, new membrane, new battens and old tiles.


If the mortar on the verge of your roof is falling off – we can either replace it or we can install dry verge caps instead


If there are cracked tiles on your roof then we can very easily replace them to prevent them from leaking under the tiles


If the gutter starts to fall off it’s mainly because of fascia board being rotten – in this case, we can replace the board, put uPVC fascia if you want and install new guttering (in this case we would strongly suggest replacing the first strip of the membrane as well to avoid this problem in the future)

Roof Repair in Tamworth

With over 11 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, we can finish the new domestic roof repair for you in around 1 day. We will leave your estate as we saw it first. We can’t give you the exact price on the website and we will need to see your roof first and discuss the range of work and create a quote that is within your budget.


  • What if there is a leak on my roof but you are unable to repair it straight away?

    If we can`t repair it straight away we will secure the necessary part of the roof with a tarp.

  • Do I have to rent scaffolding?

    If you decide to hire our company then we provide our own scaffolding free of charge.

  • What is the most common roof repair that you do?

    The most common is replacing the firt strip of the membrane, second is installing dry verge caps.

  • How long does is take to do the roof repair?

    Most of the common roof repairs can be done in up to one day.

  • What about the waste?

    Cost of getting rid of the waste after the job varies and depends on how big the job was and it is always included in the quote. It’s between 50 and 270 pounds.

  • Does your company have liability insurance?

    Accidents on building sites happen. Even if it never happened to us – we have premium liability insurance, that will cover any accidental damage to your property.

Happy Customers

Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds
Pigeon proofed my solar panels and went out of their way to work on a weekend, plus they came back to resolve a minor problem on the same day that I contacted them, which was a pleasant surprise. Very impressed with the two guys work ethic, would use again.
Florin Vescan
Florin Vescan
I have used Tamworth Roofing Roof Done Right Ltd to repair my roof caused by some water leakage. They came few times to reinspect the job just to make sure everything is fine. I will definitely recommend them to all 👍
Eddie Russell
Eddie Russell
Lukasz pigeon proofed and washed our solar panels, on his own in a couple of hours. Brilliant job and no mess. The whole experience from start to finish was great, a quick response and done within 2 days. Well done!
Arek Centkowski
Arek Centkowski
very good quality of the material, professional clean work, free advice, checking the condition of the roof. Friendly people cheap and fast. It is worth having such professionals on hand, I highly recommend it thank you guys👍
Em Kay
Em Kay
Lukasz from Roof Done Right Ltd did great job. I will recommend his services to everyone.
Sorry accidentally gave 1 star 🤦
Jakub Protasiewicz
Jakub Protasiewicz
Fantastic job,well happy,highly recommended 👌
Filip Kasza
Filip Kasza
Fantastic service. We currently had our gutters cleaned however it looks like there will be much more business coming this guys way. Very professional and efficient and the price was more than good. Will recommend to friends for sure.
Lukáš Nemergut
Lukáš Nemergut
Karol & Lukasz have delivered amazing job. From the first contact all the way through to completion. Communication was excellent and clear. Price very competitive and quality of the work outstanding. They even agreed to complete the tasks that were originally not in the scope of work and provided expertise and advise on the best approach. Very happy that we have chosen them to do our roof replacement.

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